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“I’ve always found the idea of a quick save in video games fascinating. To think, being able to
go back immediately and fix any mistake you just made with a redo would be amazing!”
“I would just use it so I can eat a sandwich over and over.”
“Only you could find the most stupid way to use something.”
“But what if it’s a really good sandwich?”

“I couldn’t tell if I was watching a movie or playing a video game.”
“Wow, the movie was that bad, huh?”
“I said I couldn’t tell.”

“What happens if one of the guys on the other team just decide to stop playing in the middle of
the game?”
“There’s more players on the bench they could put in.”
“But I mean, like, the whole team.”
“You mean like a player’s strike?”

“I was playing the first Mafia video game the other day and I had forgotten that the cops in the
game actually give you tickets for going over the speed limit!”
“Huh, I wonder if they were programmed to hit ticket quotas, too.”
“Probably not.”
“If they were trying to make the game simulation more like reality, wouldn’t it make sense?”

“Every time I get halfway through that book, something else always pulls me away and I’ll have
to start over again when I pick it back up.”
“Why do you start back at the beginning?”
“Well it's not like the author wanted me to just pick a page and start reading from there every
time I sit down to read.”
“But isn’t that what we do?”

“I read a really good essay the other day about how app developers purposefully design their
programs to be randomly rewarding because it makes people constantly check back to see
if there’s any new notifications or content.”
“That’s pretty nefarious, they really need to think about the ethics of their user’s experiences.”
“I keep forgetting that you don’t use Facebook.”

“There used to be a time when I could just sit down and do a task for hours. What happened?”
“You got older and accumulated responsibilities, it happens to everyone.”
“No I mean it’s not like I haven’t lost the ability to focus or do simple tasks.”
“Maybe if the repeated action went anywhere beyond simply doing the action for the action’s
sake, you’d find it not so banal.”
“That’s funny, I had the same thought about our conversations.”

“This part in the game always frustrates me, why would they put an unskippable challenge in
the middle of the storyline that has no relation to anything else, whatsoever!?”
“Why don’t you just put the game down for a bit?”
“And not win? Never!”

“Somewhere in all of that code is a simple loop that keeps running over and over each time I
move the character forward.”
“Are you developing a God complex?”
“Only if God can’t directly see his creation.”

“Hollywood films should really embrace the non-linear narrative, I think there’s a wide enough
audience who would get it.”
“For Christ’s sake, your simulation film doesn’t even have an end! How would I know when to
“Have you ever walked out of a movie before?”
“Only because some kid jokingly pulled the fire alarm.”
“Oh, well, then nevermind. My metaphor wouldn’t work.”

“I’ve always wanted little pop-up icons for my day to day environment. Don’t you think that
would be helpful?”
“It’s already a thing, it’s called Augmented Reality.”
“No no no, not an overlay of my reality, but a part of it!”
“That sounds cryptic.”
“Cyberspace usually is.”